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July 11, 2022
Axisflying Blue Cat C35 cinematic BNF drone- Walksnail HD VTX edition
July 14, 2022
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Axisflying & SpeedyPizzaDrones Co-brand motor DIAVOLA 2207 for FPV racing and freestyle


– Pre-order now get 5% discount ( code: Y3J69XTV  )  till Aug 15th.
– We will begin to arrange shipment about from Aug 16th.
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  • Premium performance and reliability. That’s been the focus of the collaboration between AxisFlying and SpeedyPizzaDrones; let’s this 2207 to introduce the DIAVOLA Series!
    DIAVOLA Series, indeed, is the final product of long months of design, testing and finishing in order to deliver the highest powerful motor possible by keeping a great ratio of reliability and price.
    We have thought to you all without compromises, DIAVOLA 2207 comes in two different KV: 1960 and 2020. Choose your favorite KV based on flying style, usage, or simply for trying something new and exceptional !
  • 1960 KV is for freestyle 
  • 2020 KV is for racing
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Motor stator size: 2207
  • Motor cables: AWG 20#, 150MM
  • Motor dimensions (Dia *Len): 26.9*32.8MM
  • Motor weight (excluding 150MM cables) : 30.5g

KV Options

1960KV, 2020KV