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AirForce PRO-X8 2.5“ (Analog Version-600mW VTX)
June 22, 2021
AirForce PRO X8-2.5″ Props-2pairs (Gemfan D63-3)
June 23, 2021
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AirForce PRO-X8 2.5“ (HD Version)


Airforce pro 2.5 HD Version :
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Pls download below:

F7 manual / GoPro 6,8,9 mount /GoPro base / Camera and Antenna mount 

Click downloadF722-miniSE_Manual>>

AirForce PRO X8 GoPro 6-8-9 Mount

AirForce PRO X8 camera and antenna mount

AirForce PRO X8 GoPro base

Airforce pro 2.5 HD Version

BNP 01- Vista Nebula (TBS Nano receiver), BNP 02-DJI Air Unit (TBS Nano receiver), BNP 03-Vista Mipi (TBS Nano receiver), BNP 04 – Vista Nebula (ELRS receiver), BNP 05 – Vista Mipi (ELRS receiver), BNP 06 – DJI Air Unit (ELRS receiver), PNP 01-DJI Air Unit without receiver