- Axisflying KOLAS series drone is innovation foldable structure design.  KOLAS series are main for LongRang / LR market for easy storage and travelling. We want to bring users a new experience 


      - 40% reduction in volume after folding - Easily fit into a backpack

      - Newly designed pressing structure - The arms can be folded and unfolded quickly, efficiently and quickly

      - Compatible with all mainstream VTX - Support DJI air unit, RunCam link WASPWalksnail AvatarDJI V2

      - Quick release design for arms - Only remove one M3 screw to disassemble the arm

      - Adjustable Angle GPS mount - Faster search,more stable signal

      - Independent receiver and beeper storage, convenient for binding and searching drone


- Wheelbase :298mm  /  Weight: 257g (with all TPU) /  Carbon Fiber: T700  /  Props: Max 7inch

*Recommended Configuration

- MOTORS:  Axisflying C287-1350KV @6S  

- Lipos: 2200-3000mAh 6S / VTC6 3000-4000mah /18650 6S

- STACK: Axisflying istack 50A/F722

- Propellers: HQ 7035

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